Quest for self-discovery and a vision to deliver global lifestyle luxury brings you the renowned brand JMD Interior, one of the Best Interior Designers in Noida, that has stood tall for past 12 years. Delivering creations that bespeak elegance and make the dwellers experience upheld experiences of the Principal Designer Meenu Agarwal. A traveller at heart, Rohan Vohra brings together some exquisite sights from around the world, smartly blends them with the tropical lifestyle for catering to pan-India. The final outcome, as witnessed by 300 homeowners is a testimony of refined designs with the most trusted quality to find.

With such dedication,  Rohan Vohra’s work has been an absolute favourite to the jury’s of many reputed awards over these years. Among some dignitary designers, JMD Interior work has been acknowledged and with the continuous churn of work to better the best, JMD Interior and her designs have been a reliable choice for luxury Interiors.